My Best Wyrd Buys & Gifts Of 2015

2015 was quite a light year when it came to actually buying anything that's really worth talking about. Many months went by when I didn't see much more than the four walls of my bedroom, and treating myself or getting something that I needed rarely even registered in my mind. Hell, I could hardly find… Continue reading My Best Wyrd Buys & Gifts Of 2015

Wyrd Words & Effigies: The Definitive Interview List

Wyrd Words & Effigies has been in action since May 2013. In the months that have passed since then, many interviews have been conducted, with all sorts of creative beings who aren't afraid to explore the darkness and the treasures it hides. Underneath you’ll find all of our interviews to date, for you to browse… Continue reading Wyrd Words & Effigies: The Definitive Interview List

Last Minute Wyrd Yuletide Gift Ideas

For Him Leather Wristband by YVNL.   Laser Cut Black Leather iPhone 5 Protector by 7th Avenue Tech.   All Black Cowl by CheriDemeter.     Men’s Revenant Hoody by Sanctus.     For Her Black Leather Hair Wrap by VacationHouse.   Minimalist iPad Mini Cover by Just Wunderlust Shop.   Quartz Cluster from Sustainably… Continue reading Last Minute Wyrd Yuletide Gift Ideas

Monday’s Wyrd Findings

I have a long-standing fascination with Baba Yaga. I first encountered this Eastern European folkloric character at the tender age of seven. There was a hut in the woods near my school which, I was told, was her house. Naturally, this terrified me, but I was an odd child, and thrived on fear. I’m utterly… Continue reading Monday’s Wyrd Findings

Saturday’s Wyrd Findings

What’s not to fucking adore about the Black Winter Coat by YL1 Dress? Just look at that hood.   This sterling silver Glory Twig pendent is hand crafted by Dragon Scale Arts. When Odin hung from the World Tree, his rune staves fell from their pouch and onto the ground. The pattern they formed enabled… Continue reading Saturday’s Wyrd Findings

Friday’s Wyrd Findings

I literally want to buy everything created by the talented Danielle Fedorshik. Her work has a distinctive dark beauty. I’m particularly in love with her stunning throw pillows, especially these three.   I like my hoods big,  tops long and sleeves covering most of my hands. Basically, The Witching Hour Hoodie by Sovrin fits all… Continue reading Friday’s Wyrd Findings

Thursday’s Wyrd Findings

One day, my time will come, and I’ll be able to afford this Skull with Amethyst Growth Ring and this Veil Ring. Both are by Macabre Gadgets. I would strut around the house in this Steel Cropped Top by Fannie Schiavoni. Made of oxidized steel rings and handmade in London, it can help any woman… Continue reading Thursday’s Wyrd Findings

Tuesday’s Wyrd Findings

I don’t wear rings much. But I would if I had this beauty. The Lunar Phase Ring by Pamela Love is available in bronze or antique silver. Personally, silver always wins over bronze for me.     Sometimes, you’re just sat, quietly minding your own business, when something comes along and sweeps you off your… Continue reading Tuesday’s Wyrd Findings

Monday’s Wyrd Findings

I’m partial to a sexy notebook, and this Rubber Sealed Notebook from Occulter has well and truly seduced me. I love the deep red silk rip cord and the gorgeous, uneven texture of the rubber. I don’t own  a tablet, but if I did, I would have to shake out the bank account for this… Continue reading Monday’s Wyrd Findings

Interview : Adorned Immortal

Adorned Immortal, established by artist Marilyn Hammer, creates some of the most distinctive accessories I’ve ever seen. All the pieces are utterly unique, with a raw, primal feel to them. Marilyn makes the most of recycled materials, and the bones and skins left behind by creatures who’ve passed. Please could you explain the services Adorned… Continue reading Interview : Adorned Immortal