Reading Myself Back To Life: Books I Read In 2020 (Part II)

Welcome to the second and final part of Reading Myself Back To Life, in which I share some of the books that had quite the impact on me in 2020. If any of these books have found their way into your life too, I’d love to know. Or if you intend on getting any, I’d… Continue reading Reading Myself Back To Life: Books I Read In 2020 (Part II)

The Darkest Days – Krampus

Krampus has long intrigued me, but it's only this year that I've started to delve deep into the lore surrounding him. This post is, I imagine, going to be the first of several that will look at and celebrate the folkloric devil. 'The Krampus springs from a deep-rooted European understanding of Christmas as a time… Continue reading The Darkest Days – Krampus

Shopping In The Dark : Macabre Etsy Shops You Need To See

Monday for me means new beginnings, so it's the perfect day to launch my weekly series 'Shopping In The Dark.'Every Monday I will feature a post dedicated to four macarbe Etsy shops that I'm infatuated with. I hope you enjoy my strange selection and if you would like to recommend a macabre shop for me… Continue reading Shopping In The Dark : Macabre Etsy Shops You Need To See

Alexandria Noël

I featured the work of inspirational illustrator, designer and artist Alexandria Noël back in July, but wanted to do so again because she's one of my favourite artists and her Etsy store has been stocked with even more beautifully dark, macabre offerings including patches, cards, prints, t-shirts and wrapping paper. It is the perfect one-stop-shop… Continue reading Alexandria Noël

The Artwork Of Alexandria Noël

Based out of Massachusetts, artist Alexandria Noël is heavily influenced by the misty coastlines and dense forests of New England. Her beautiful Etsy shop is stocked with hand screen printed t-shirts, patches, cards and wrapping paper featuring a variety of dark illustrations. My favourite has to be the Krampus patch. I can think of a… Continue reading The Artwork Of Alexandria Noël

Monday’s Wyrd Findings

I have a long-standing fascination with Baba Yaga. I first encountered this Eastern European folkloric character at the tender age of seven. There was a hut in the woods near my school which, I was told, was her house. Naturally, this terrified me, but I was an odd child, and thrived on fear. I’m utterly… Continue reading Monday’s Wyrd Findings