100 Days Of Blogging #13 – I Was Up At 5.30Am To Shoot My Friend

The last time I was up at such a cruel hour was when I waited overnight at Manchester Airport for a flight to Iceland. It was the same as before that…and the time before that. (Hell, EasyJet, PLEASE CHANGE YOUR GODDAMN FLIGHT TIMES. I can't while away another night in the bleakest airport ever built.)… Continue reading 100 Days Of Blogging #13 – I Was Up At 5.30Am To Shoot My Friend

June (and some of July’s) Self-Portraits

I was supposed to be sharing self-portraits just from June, but ended up with some of July's in the June's Portraits folder and I'm too knackered to take them out now, so you're getting some of July's creations too. And before you scream in the comments, yes, I'm very much aware that the bone in… Continue reading June (and some of July’s) Self-Portraits

On Feeling Off

It's been a peculiar sort of day. I'm not exactly sure what's up, I just feel...off. In theory, I should be really happy. I had a good morning writing a poem about Akutuq AKA Eskimo Ice Cream. (Great article about it here.) I had a good run and came home with 500 Post-It-Notes. (I'm a… Continue reading On Feeling Off

January’s Self-Portraits

You know what? January was a relatively good month when it came to self-portraiture. I didn't think that this morning though. This morning I was feeling decidedly morose about the portraits I'd made. I berated myself for not taking more risks, for not exploring dozens of new editing techniques, for not refining the techniques I'd… Continue reading January’s Self-Portraits

I Want To Love You – The Complicated Relationship I Have With My Face

I stopped and started and stopped and started with this blog post. Wondering, should I? Shouldn't I? I've decided to go ahead and post it, because someone else may be going through a similar experience, and nobody should have to struggle with this alone. There's no plan laid out of what I'm going to write,… Continue reading I Want To Love You – The Complicated Relationship I Have With My Face

I’m Braver Than I Thought: What I’ve Learned By Taking Self-Portraits

Taking self-portraits has been a part of my life for quite some years, but it was only in 2020 that it became integral to my existence. *If you'd like to, you can read more about my journey with photography here and there's a more advice led post about getting started with self-portrait photography here.) I… Continue reading I’m Braver Than I Thought: What I’ve Learned By Taking Self-Portraits

Freezing Moments: Some Words On Taking Photographs

A few weeks back, I was asked by a kindly soul if I could write something about getting into photography. I was flattered, stunned and a little bit terrified by the request. Why? Because despite shooting photos on and off for over ten years, I know virtually nothing about the art form. One of the… Continue reading Freezing Moments: Some Words On Taking Photographs

Thinking In The Dark : Cobwebs

It's more difficult to see cobwebs now, what with there being so much sun. (Boooo!) I have to look much harder to spot them, and usually need to squint to make out the delicate, glinting spider silk that's set like steel. I miss the autumn months when I'd get up early and rush out into… Continue reading Thinking In The Dark : Cobwebs

Support The Dark Arts

October is literally panting on the doorstep and clawing to be let in...and are you ready for it? How about investing in a dark, and obscure tote bag ready to stuff with Halloween goodness...as well as the bread, milk and sugar? And a spiral notebook to carry in your bag at all times, ready for… Continue reading Support The Dark Arts

Intriguing Instagrammers : Seven Mile Mountain

Seven Mile Mountain is something which I've kept in mind ever since WW&E went on a hiatus. I knew that it would be one of the very first things I'd write about when I made my return. The brainchild of the mysterious Sara Larocca-Ramm (who I happened to interview eons ago...), one third of Sisters… Continue reading Intriguing Instagrammers : Seven Mile Mountain