The Darkest Days – Christmas Ghosts

I was very small when I first read the story about the Christmas Ghosts, and I've encountered dozens of different versions in the thirty odd years since I first scared myself witless with it. The tale haunted me then, and I find it just as gloriously chilling today. The story I'm going to share with… Continue reading The Darkest Days – Christmas Ghosts

The Darkest Days – Feeding The Dead

Something that I've discovered during my Darkest Days journey, and that I haven't been able to stop thinking about, is the age old tradition in Scandinavia of leaving food out for the dead on Christmas Eve. (I know mince pies aren't tradition in the Far North but I didn't have any pepparkakor or lutefisk to… Continue reading The Darkest Days – Feeding The Dead

The Darkest Days – Mari Lwyd

I have only ever been to Wales once. It was well over fifteen years ago, but I can still remember being silenced by the tameless landscapes, the true dark of the sky, the uncanny feeling of it being a place of otherness. I’ve been meaning to go back for ages, and now, after reading into… Continue reading The Darkest Days – Mari Lwyd

The Darkest Days – Robin Redbreast

I’m usually dashing here, there and everywhere, rarely taking a moment to breathe…but on the odd occasion that I spot a robin outside, I come to a sudden standstill and squeal to whoever else is in the house, ‘there’s a robin in the garden, quick, come look!’ I’ll stay rooted to the spot, face and… Continue reading The Darkest Days – Robin Redbreast

The Darkest Days – Frau Perchta

Embarking on The Darkest Days project has opened up my world to dark lore I may never have otherwise encountered. With each passing day of researching and capturing with my camera the folklore, superstitions and traditions of this haunted time, I find myself becoming all the more ravenous for new knowledge, the darker and more… Continue reading The Darkest Days – Frau Perchta

The Darkest Days – Hiding The Brooms (Or Not…)

When I first started researching into the dark traditions surrounding Yule, I came across a few sentences (I can't remember where exactly...) about a Norwegian tradition that peaked my interest. The tradition is that, on Christmas Eve, folk across the land hide their brooms so lurking witches won't steal them for their night ride. However,… Continue reading The Darkest Days – Hiding The Brooms (Or Not…)

The Darkest Days – Krampus

Krampus has long intrigued me, but it's only this year that I've started to delve deep into the lore surrounding him. This post is, I imagine, going to be the first of several that will look at and celebrate the folkloric devil. 'The Krampus springs from a deep-rooted European understanding of Christmas as a time… Continue reading The Darkest Days – Krampus

Live Deliciously

Mere moments after I've posted a gift list dedicated to The VVitch, something verging on the line of perfection  comes into view on Etsy. Eventhough I don't touch whisky (don't ask why, I don't want to remember...) I feel compelled to snatch one of these  vinyl wrapped stainless steel hip flasks honouring Black Phillip. Not… Continue reading Live Deliciously