The Darkest Days – The Yule Candle

As the days grow colder and the nights longer, the dead gather closer. During this most haunted time, candles are lit to drive away evil spirits and lure back the sun. In ages past, it was considered extremely unlucky to light the Yule candle before dusk on Christmas Eve. It had to be lit just… Continue reading The Darkest Days – The Yule Candle

The Darkest Days – Skaði

There is always a nervous energy coursing through me whenever I start a new project. Even more so on this occasion because it has been. so. god. damn. long. since I have done an actual project with actual deadlines and actual goals. And because today I was challenging myself to capture the 'essence' of a… Continue reading The Darkest Days – Skaði

The Darkest Days – A Photography Project

Bloody hell. It feels strange to be blogging. I decided to start typing before my anxiety got the better of me. Folks who have been coming here for a while will know that quite a long time ago - about 18 months - I went into a depressive episode and started to lose my ability… Continue reading The Darkest Days – A Photography Project

Destination: Norway – Effigies For Sale

  My blog Destination: Norway has finally got a Society 6 page. I’m incredibly proud of the shots I’ve managed to capture in Norway so far, and want to make them available for anyone who wants them. Lots of my images are now available as prints (framed or unframed), stretched canvases, cards, mobile phone cases… Continue reading Destination: Norway – Effigies For Sale