Art Of Hel

At my Waldorf school, World Mythology played a significant role in the curriculum, though it was Norse Mythology that had a lasting impact on me. Hel and her brother Fenrir were the characters that enthralled me most of all. But I suppose that won't come as a surprise! I haven't spent much time thinking about… Continue reading Art Of Hel

The Darkest Days – Skaði

There is always a nervous energy coursing through me whenever I start a new project. Even more so on this occasion because it has been. so. god. damn. long. since I have done an actual project with actual deadlines and actual goals. And because today I was challenging myself to capture the 'essence' of a… Continue reading The Darkest Days – Skaði

Saturday’s Wyrd Findings

What’s not to fucking adore about the Black Winter Coat by YL1 Dress? Just look at that hood.   This sterling silver Glory Twig pendent is hand crafted by Dragon Scale Arts. When Odin hung from the World Tree, his rune staves fell from their pouch and onto the ground. The pattern they formed enabled… Continue reading Saturday’s Wyrd Findings