100 Days Of Blogging #33 – Probably The Most Random Blog Post Of Them All But Bear With Me

A stash of 47 copies of Zero Tolerance Magazine has been in my parent’s loft for several years. Before I saw the box, I was thinking of trying to sell them, but once I started pulling them out, I was smashed with the heaviest wave of nostalgia and started thinking, ‘I don’t know if I can part… Continue reading 100 Days Of Blogging #33 – Probably The Most Random Blog Post Of Them All But Bear With Me

100 Days Of Blogging #28 – Hares On The Mountain

I was at a friend’s house in Reykjavik a while back, hanging out and listening to music, when Hares on the Mountain, sung by Shirley Collins in 1964, came on his Spotify. (He has the most exquisite taste in music.)  I remember sitting bolt up and shouting, ‘WHO’S THIS?!’ I knew by the second verse that… Continue reading 100 Days Of Blogging #28 – Hares On The Mountain

CDs, Vinyls, Tapes & Movie Posters That Don’t Actually Exist

I have some excellent friends. One of those friends is Rich Blackett, and though we've never met, he's done more than his fair share of cheering me up when I've felt at a loss. Rich has a talent for transforming my photos into fake cds, vinyls, tapes and movie posters and though I never know… Continue reading CDs, Vinyls, Tapes & Movie Posters That Don’t Actually Exist

100 Good Things From 2022

I've been meaning to write again for a while, but I haven't had it in me for one reason or another. Full transparency - I ended 2022 exhausted. Mentally, emotionally, and physically worn the fuck out. Sure, 2022 saw fleeting triumphant moments, joyful moments, blissful moments, but for the most part, it was a harrowing… Continue reading 100 Good Things From 2022

Blóðnætur – Pet Sematary

So I have a new music project starting up. It's called Blóðnætur which means 'blood nights' in Icelandic. It's made up of myself (in case you didn't know, my other music foray is Witch Folk band Cave Mouth) and musican/composer JD Frew of horror synth project Bogwitch. We're two weird folk creating weird music in… Continue reading Blóðnætur – Pet Sematary

Valkyrie’s Lullaby, Etc.

Several months ago, Meghan Wood, my bandmate in Cave Mouth, sent me this video of Lasair inghen ui h'Airt performing her extraordinary song Valkyrie's Lullaby. Naturally, I became obsessed. I mean, who wouldn't? Of course, we needed to do a cover, no question about it. But life, as it has the want to do, became… Continue reading Valkyrie’s Lullaby, Etc.

Cave Mouth In The Whale Mouth

Earlier this year, Pagan Fortress made a limited run of tapes of Cave Mouth's third album, Daughters of the North. I can say, proud as a peacock, that they all sold out. But, my best friend (and probably the most gifted and wisest man I know) Nafre,* who lives in the Canadian Arctic, did a very special photoshoot… Continue reading Cave Mouth In The Whale Mouth

100 Good Things From 2021

This self-portrait was taken on my 35th birthday in Whitby. I was almost caught by the tide about half an hour before this photo was shot. Venturing into nude self-portraiture. It still feels madly surreal to know how far I went with this. This quote from one of my favourite authors, Lucy H Pearce. "I am she who… Continue reading 100 Good Things From 2021

Midsummer – A New Offering From Cave Mouth

So, midsummer has passed. Do we at Cave Mouth care? Do we fuck. I did write the lyric 'witches, witches it's midsummer, cover yourselves in blood and flowers' on midsummer day when I took the portrait we've used as the song art. But I wrote the rest of the song, recorded the vocals, and Meghan… Continue reading Midsummer – A New Offering From Cave Mouth