Shopping In The Dark : Macabre Etsy Shops You Need To See

Here is the second installment of my series Shopping In The Dark. I hope you enjoy my selection (click on the pictures to be taken straight to the product you want to check out further!) and please feel free to get in touch at or in the comment box below if you know of… Continue reading Shopping In The Dark : Macabre Etsy Shops You Need To See

Listen To The Leather

Listen To The Leather is a store based in San Fransisco, which offers handmade, custom bags made without electric tools. Owner Salvatore Grande is part of a dying breed of leather workers. With Listen To The Leather he is making a stand for true artists and craftsmen. None of my bags ever touch any electric… Continue reading Listen To The Leather

The Kin Fables Trilogy

Back in September 2013 I had the great fortune to be introduced to the fantastical cinematic journey Kin Fables. I returned to this beautifully shot, dreamy production time and again. Naturally, I had to interview the team behind it - the gifted McKinnon brothers. You can read the interview here. Come 2015 and the brothers… Continue reading The Kin Fables Trilogy

Interview : Christine Linde Of Tomarum

To come across the work of Christine Linde/Tomarum was an absolute joy. Inspired by two of my favourite artists Theodor Kitteslsen and John Bauer, Linde creates deeply atmospheric folk art. Her work enables the observer to dip out of the human world for a time, and individually connect with what lies beyond. I'm delighted and… Continue reading Interview : Christine Linde Of Tomarum