Black Rabbit of Inlé

The animated adaptation of Richard Adam's groundbreaking novel Watership Down - still one of my favourite reads, I highly recommend it - introduced me to the harsh realities of death when I was well under double figures. Despite the deep feeling of terror and intense grief that it installed when I was a young un,… Continue reading Black Rabbit of Inlé

Interview : Christine Linde Of Tomarum

To come across the work of Christine Linde/Tomarum was an absolute joy. Inspired by two of my favourite artists Theodor Kitteslsen and John Bauer, Linde creates deeply atmospheric folk art. Her work enables the observer to dip out of the human world for a time, and individually connect with what lies beyond. I'm delighted and… Continue reading Interview : Christine Linde Of Tomarum

Jiang Zhi

Enigmatic fine art from Chinese artist Jiang Zhi. “It is an introspective examination of confrontation, entanglement, coexistence and contradictions. A male and a female body move under the white cloth. Rather than emphasizing gender difference, the bodies seem to be governed by mystical force and tension, indicating a sort of yin/yang co-dependence that underlies the… Continue reading Jiang Zhi

American Horror Story / Freak Show Premieres

It was, just as I had expected, absolute perfection. Ever since the first series of American Horror Story I've been hooked. Everything about the show is of the highest quality. The acting is flawless, the costumes to die for, the story lines are some of the best that have graced television and the effects...oh my,… Continue reading American Horror Story / Freak Show Premieres