Good Things That Have Happened This Week

New Boots Anyone who knows me well will know that, for the past decade, I've been wearing French Ranger boots. I've walked my way through several pairs, only getting rid when the soles have worn through. I've always bought them from the same place without a problem, but for some reason last year, I thought… Continue reading Good Things That Have Happened This Week

Thrifting In The Dark : Black Iron Hanging Candle Holder

Thrifting is in my blood, so I know that when I see something special, and it's affordable, I do not bloody hesitate. Hesitate and I lose it.  Guaranteed. When I saw this black iron hanging candle holder on sale for 35 krona (about £3.50) I immediately pounced, knowing that if I left it, just for… Continue reading Thrifting In The Dark : Black Iron Hanging Candle Holder

The Magnetic Pull Of The Old : Gibbous Fashions

Gibbous Fashions (named so because the creator was born under a waxing gibbous moon) first came across my radar ages ago, and while it's always been stored in the back of my memory box, I've never ventured past the Facebook ads to see what lies beyond. Foolish woman that I am. Well, the day before… Continue reading The Magnetic Pull Of The Old : Gibbous Fashions

Thrift Haul

There’s nothing quite like the feeling just before the thrift hunt…that absolutely anything can be found. Thing is, thrifting isn’t only something I do because-I-love-it-and-it’s-one-of-the-best-things- to-do-in- the- world-ever, it’s something I need to do. I simply don’t have the budget to buy new clothes. I’ve always needed to be savvy with my spending, even more so… Continue reading Thrift Haul

My Best Wyrd Buys & Gifts Of 2015

2015 was quite a light year when it came to actually buying anything that's really worth talking about. Many months went by when I didn't see much more than the four walls of my bedroom, and treating myself or getting something that I needed rarely even registered in my mind. Hell, I could hardly find… Continue reading My Best Wyrd Buys & Gifts Of 2015

Dark Fashion Thrift Finds : Alpine Snowsport Moonboots

I am madly, madly passionate about thrifting. There’s not many things in life that give me more pleasure than rooting through second hand wares. So, the other day I went to buy milk and bread…and came back with a pair of  unworn Alpine Snowshoe Moonboots for £6. I always have a quick scout in the… Continue reading Dark Fashion Thrift Finds : Alpine Snowsport Moonboots