The Kid Who Loved The Dark – Erica From The Witches

You will probably be aware by now that I'm quite taken with Norway. I talk about it whenever the opportunity arises. (It's only going to get worse folks, just so you know.) Though I don't think I've talked about how, when I was little, Roald Dahl helped fuel my obsession for everything Norsk. I was… Continue reading The Kid Who Loved The Dark – Erica From The Witches

Authenticity In The Wild – One Of The Most Important Videos I’ve Ever Watched

I have been listening to and learning from Freyia Norling for a few months now, and she's enriched my life enormously with her genuineness and wisdom. The video she uploaded yesterday, in which she speaks about leaving London for Northern Norway, has been her most influential video yet. I had to, had to share it.… Continue reading Authenticity In The Wild – One Of The Most Important Videos I’ve Ever Watched

Lusekofte Magick

You know when I made that post about feeling at my most confident when I'm wearing black? Well, I should have mentioned that I also feel confident - extremely so - when I'm wearing a Lusekofte AKA a traditional Norwegian sweater. I also feel inspired, passionate and deeply connected to winter, the North and the… Continue reading Lusekofte Magick

Things That Have Been Making Me Sad And Pissed Off Recently

Covid-19 has made life challenging, uncertain and fucking terrifying for people the world over. Mar a few comments months ago about missing going to the library, I haven't really spoken about Covid-19 here or anywhere else, because, frankly, I don't know what to say. I still find it all extremely surreal. I was in two… Continue reading Things That Have Been Making Me Sad And Pissed Off Recently

My Vision Wall

So horrible was the dream I found myself in last night that when I woke up I thought to myself, 'Well, that's my day ruined. Might as well just stay here.' But I knew I'd end up stewing in my despair, and then that despair would end up bleeding into tomorrow and I'd spend tomorrow… Continue reading My Vision Wall

A Few Things I’m Looking Forward To & Hoping For In 2021

A Few Things I'm Looking Forward To & Hoping For In 2021 This list isn't particularly vast and mostly features books I want to read, but it was only several weeks ago that I started to feel a sense of optimism about the future after a very long time with no hope whatsoever. I hope… Continue reading A Few Things I’m Looking Forward To & Hoping For In 2021

Sighting Of A Norwegian Mountain Troll

There is a little part of me that believes trolls exist in Scandinavia. The same part that believes there is a Loch Ness Monster in Scotland and legions of Sasquatch in North America and elsewhere in the world. I've watched countless documentaries about all three cryptids...(The Bigfoot Files has to be one of the best)… Continue reading Sighting Of A Norwegian Mountain Troll

The Hyperborean Shadows Series : Norwegian Rat

The Hyperborean Shadows Series is an ongoing feature that will focus on the dwellers of Scandinavia, and their portrayal of northern landscapes, cultures and traditions through different forms of dark art. There are so many incredible visions being realised in Scandinavia in this age, and I firmly believe that the creatives behind these visions need… Continue reading The Hyperborean Shadows Series : Norwegian Rat