Footage Found In The Paris Catacombs

Under the city of Paris, hundreds of miles of tunnels and rooms - many of them unmapped - contain the bones of millions of Parisians. In the 18th century, bones were exhumed from overcrowded cemeteries and dropped into old quarry tunnels. Some of the bones are said to date back more than a thousand years.… Continue reading Footage Found In The Paris Catacombs

Erään hyönteisen tuho / The Death Of An Insect

“In a lifeless urban landscape where time itself has stopped its crawl, a mad ballet is commencing and a newly hatched butterfly is about to die. This tragic story was constructed using dead insects gathered from forgotten attics and tool sheds, between window panels and cobwebs. It combines a number of animation techniques from classic… Continue reading Erään hyönteisen tuho / The Death Of An Insect

Raise The Horns For Halloween / A Day Out At The Gallows

Winter's Gibbet, on Steng Cross, in Elsdon, Northumberland, remains a popular venue for a day's excursion. Named after one William Winter, hanged at Newcastle's Westgate in 1792 for murder and whose body was subsequently displayed as a warning to all Steng Cross, the current gibbet is the latest in a long line of wooden replacements.… Continue reading Raise The Horns For Halloween / A Day Out At The Gallows

Crimson Hollow

Do you ever find Etsy stores which have so much stuff that you feel overwhelmed, yet simultaneously eager to discover everything they have to offer? Well, that's how I felt when I encountered Crimson Hollow. Mum and daughter team Shelly and Emily make up Crimson Hollow and provide beautiful, unique and very affordable hand stamped… Continue reading Crimson Hollow