100 Days Of Blogging #9 – I Have A Thing For The Mermaid From The Lighthouse

I've had many obscure (or perfectly understandable...you decide) crushes over my lifetime. Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing from the anime Hellsing, Storm from the X-Men cartoon, the dad from Casper, the dad from The Secret Garden, Kristoff from Frozen, and the valkyrie from The Northman, to name but a few. So it doesn't phase me to admit I have a thing for… Continue reading 100 Days Of Blogging #9 – I Have A Thing For The Mermaid From The Lighthouse

The Kid Who Loved The Dark – Gmork

The other day, I was reflecting on my favourite childhood films, and my favourite scenes and characters from said films. I made a list and it didn't come as a surprise to find it was terror packed. It was always the unnerving elements that delighted me most of all. All of the films on my… Continue reading The Kid Who Loved The Dark – Gmork

Thinking In The Dark : Trees In Horror Movies

Isn’t it astonishing the power trees can have over us? How they can fill us with joy, enough that we could burst, or, at the other end of the spectrum, make us feel so damn terrified that we’re hardly able to process our feelings, but know only that we need to get away from said… Continue reading Thinking In The Dark : Trees In Horror Movies

Art Of Watership Down

I couldn't tell you how many times I've seen Watership Down. I lost count years ago. My dad videotaped it off the TV when I was under double figures. If I remember rightly, he taped over something else and wrote WATERSHIP DOWN over whatever title the previous film had. My siblings and I played that… Continue reading Art Of Watership Down

Art Of Pet Sematary

Yesterday I talked about The VVitch being my favourite horror film of all time. I also briefly mentioned my second and third favourites which were, in order, The Blair Witch Project and The Babadook. (I know, I know, numbering films in what order I like them best...what am I? Nine years old? Bloody hell. But… Continue reading Art Of Pet Sematary

Art Of The VVitch

Three years after its release, The VVitch remains to be the best horror film I've ever seen. (The Blair Witch Project comes in at a close second followed by The Babadook.) The cult that the film has ignited is inspiring, refreshing and, quite frankly, fucking brilliant for the witches of today. I can remember watching… Continue reading Art Of The VVitch

I’ve Opened A New Shop : True To My Wyrd

Last week I spent about 50 hours prepping designs and setting up my new shop True To My Wyrd, which explains the deathly silence here. But let me tell you, I hadn't had so much fun in fucking ages. I actually felt guilty because I was enjoying myself so bloody much, eventhough the majority of… Continue reading I’ve Opened A New Shop : True To My Wyrd

DIY In The Dark : The Blair Witch Project Stick Figure

The Blair Witch Project is, in my humble opinion, one of the best horror films. I've talked about it several times before so I won't ramble about its greatness. Recently though I've been feeling this strong as hell desire to craft one of the stick figurines. I think it might have something to do with… Continue reading DIY In The Dark : The Blair Witch Project Stick Figure

Time For You To Meet The Blair Witch…Again

I watched the Blair Witch the other night. The new one. As a devotee to the witch in the woods, I'm a little bit ashamed that it's taken me SO LONG to check it out...but in all honesty it's come down to cold, hard cash. I couldn't afford to see it at the cinema, and… Continue reading Time For You To Meet The Blair Witch…Again

Words On Anneliese Michel

It takes a lot to scare me, ok? But last night, when I was working on an article about possessed kids, I found myself too fucking terrified to finish what I was doing. I needed to put my laptop down and fucking burn it into bed. I didn't even switch off the lights, brush my… Continue reading Words On Anneliese Michel