Review : Jewelry For The Dead Black Stone Necklace

I was in a state of heightened excitement the moment I landed on the Jewelry For The Dead Etsy page a few weeks ago. I spend quite a lot of time on Etsy, hunting for the best of the best in dark art, jewelry, fashion and crafts to feature on Wyrd Words & Effigies, and… Continue reading Review : Jewelry For The Dead Black Stone Necklace

My Best Wyrd Buys & Gifts Of 2015

2015 was quite a light year when it came to actually buying anything that's really worth talking about. Many months went by when I didn't see much more than the four walls of my bedroom, and treating myself or getting something that I needed rarely even registered in my mind. Hell, I could hardly find… Continue reading My Best Wyrd Buys & Gifts Of 2015

Dark Fashion Thrift Finds : Alpine Snowsport Moonboots

I am madly, madly passionate about thrifting. There’s not many things in life that give me more pleasure than rooting through second hand wares. So, the other day I went to buy milk and bread…and came back with a pair of  unworn Alpine Snowshoe Moonboots for £6. I always have a quick scout in the… Continue reading Dark Fashion Thrift Finds : Alpine Snowsport Moonboots

Review : Hysteria Machine Antlers

Hysteria Machine first came to my attention when I happened upon some photographs of the beautiful and talented Dutch model Psychara. She was wearing a pair of their antlers and I was utterly smitten. Established and run by full-time creative and artist Cara Trinder, Hysteria Machine is a London based business which specializes in macabre… Continue reading Review : Hysteria Machine Antlers

Spread Darkness This Yule

It's always a challenge to write about your own work, so what I'm going to do is just leave these totes from my Redbubble shop here. If you see one you like, just click on the image and, like magic, you'll be taken straight to it. I also have two books for sale, The Long… Continue reading Spread Darkness This Yule