The Story So Far Of Battle Jacket #2

One of the saddest things about depression is how it cunningly and cruelly siphons away passion. In 2019 I found that I was gradually losing grip on all the things that had once meant so much to me. There came a point where I found it impossible to enjoy the music and art that had,… Continue reading The Story So Far Of Battle Jacket #2

I’m Taking Metal Back

Due to circumstances I don’t want to go into, concerning people I don’t want to talk about – I’ve already put hexes on their heads anyway – I've been doubting my place in the metal scene. I've found it impossible to wear my band shirts, I've found it impossible to listen to my favourite bands,… Continue reading I’m Taking Metal Back

Sound Of The Day : Darkthrone

Have I been living in a cave for the past several months or was Darkthrone's 16th album Arctic Thunder something of a monumental flop? (Though I have to admit I'm a sucker for the album title which was, for  the record, the name of a Norwegian heavy metal band who were active from the mid… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Darkthrone

Sound Of The Day : Humanus Hostia

Really taken with Swedish atmospheric black metal band Humanus Hostia. The track you're about to hear is entitled Searching For... and it's taken from Humanus Hostia's debut album Nostalgica, which was released back in 2011. I would make yourself comfortable, because this track is quite possibly one of the most relaxing black metal songs I've ever… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Humanus Hostia

Sound Of The Day : Murg

Some good, solid Swedish black metal to get your week off to a roaring start. I don't know much about Murg, other than the fact that their music is released under Nordvis, one of the most reliable labels out there. The track you're about to encounter is entitled Nejderna brinner and is taken from their… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Murg