My Best Wyrd Buys & Gifts Of 2015

2015 was quite a light year when it came to actually buying anything that's really worth talking about. Many months went by when I didn't see much more than the four walls of my bedroom, and treating myself or getting something that I needed rarely even registered in my mind. Hell, I could hardly find… Continue reading My Best Wyrd Buys & Gifts Of 2015

Those Of The Unlight : An Exhibition By Pär Strömberg

If you have been following this blog for a few months, it's unlikely that you will have missed my posts on the work of Swedish artist Pär Strömberg. (In case you did, here's a review on his sublime book Darkness Visible, a tome I can't recommend highly enough and which you can buy here.) I've… Continue reading Those Of The Unlight : An Exhibition By Pär Strömberg

Pär Strömberg : Darkness Visible

Swedish artist Pär Strömberg creates art that embodies the dark, ancient power of the cold north. Influenced by long winters and sparse light, mysterious forests and iced peaks, Strömberg's work calls to all souls whose hearts ache for wild, northern lands. When I discovered Strömberg had a book of his art available, I ordered it… Continue reading Pär Strömberg : Darkness Visible