100 Days Of Blogging #21 – Nordic Cult Folk (Sindri)

I was supposed to be writing to you with the second half of my post I'm Happy. What's Changed? But I've just spent two and a bit hours finishing up an interview with a literary legend and I'm tired, So it'll have to wait until tomorrow. Instead I'm going to share with you some images… Continue reading 100 Days Of Blogging #21 – Nordic Cult Folk (Sindri)

Svið – A Poem

A poem from my forthcoming poetry collection which I hope to launch in Iceland later this year. (This sheep head eating experience was during my brief stint of eating meat. My diet is plant based again these days.) WordPress doesn't like poetry, so it's presented differently to how it will be in the book -… Continue reading Svið – A Poem

The Horrors Of The End

It's been twelve days since I bolted from my partner's apartment and fled through downtown Reykjavik, frantically searching for somewhere to duck into where I could order a drink, plug in my laptop and figure out what in hell my next move would be. I'd just discovered abhorrent details of what my partner had been… Continue reading The Horrors Of The End

A Wyrd Of Her Own

Oh, hi there. I last posted a stupidly long time ago. Between the times of yore and now, a fair bit has gone on. Five of the most significant things include: moving into a cottage in the North York Moors National Park, revolutionizing my relationship with food*, deleting Instagram, creating balanced days* and not giving up… Continue reading A Wyrd Of Her Own

My Vision Wall

So horrible was the dream I found myself in last night that when I woke up I thought to myself, 'Well, that's my day ruined. Might as well just stay here.' But I knew I'd end up stewing in my despair, and then that despair would end up bleeding into tomorrow and I'd spend tomorrow… Continue reading My Vision Wall

Art Of Gryla

My first encounter with the Icelandic, child eating troll Gryla was in 2010 when I wrote a poem about her. The second encounter was a year later, on a street in Akureyri, a city in northern Iceland. She was there with her husband Leppaludi. While most people think she's quite the hideous monster, I found… Continue reading Art Of Gryla

My Best Wyrd Buys & Gifts Of 2015

2015 was quite a light year when it came to actually buying anything that's really worth talking about. Many months went by when I didn't see much more than the four walls of my bedroom, and treating myself or getting something that I needed rarely even registered in my mind. Hell, I could hardly find… Continue reading My Best Wyrd Buys & Gifts Of 2015