A Wyrd Of Her Own

Oh, hi there. I last posted a stupidly long time ago. Between the times of yore and now, a fair bit has gone on. Five of the most significant things include: moving into a cottage in the North York Moors National Park, revolutionizing my relationship with food*, deleting Instagram, creating balanced days* and not giving up… Continue reading A Wyrd Of Her Own

Four Darkly Inclined Poetry Videos

I have a daughter. She's nearly nine months. When she decides she wants a nap, be that at 2pm or 2am (she's not a predictable baby) I take the opportunity to make a video from one of my poems. Here are four I've made over the past four days. I'm new to this folks, so… Continue reading Four Darkly Inclined Poetry Videos

David Thiérrée

Artist David Thiérrée has worked with some true metal heavy weights over the years, including the mighty Primordial, and has featured in exhibitions across the globe. One of my favourite pieces by this multitalented gentleman has to be an illustration based on the film The Dark Crystal. This work, done entirely in pencil, is so… Continue reading David Thiérrée

William Crisafi

The artwork of New England based, multidisciplinary artist William Crisafi reminds me of the illustrations I would find in children's books that my Granddad would discover at carboot sales. He was a top rooter and dug right to the bottom of damp cardboard boxes. My Granddad also knew how to haggle, and would come away… Continue reading William Crisafi

Sound Of The Day : Satanic Warmaster

Sorry about the brief pause, I've been in transit for the past few days. However, I'm back on track with one of the finest black metal releases of 2014 - Fimbulwinter by the mighty Satanic Warmaster. I recommend you spend the next 51 minutes and 42 seconds not doing very much, except for tuning yourself… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Satanic Warmaster

Chris Berens : Nethermoor

I can't think of a better way to end the week thank sinking into the imaginative art series Nethermoor by artist Chris Berens. Inspired by Michael Ende's novel The Neverending Story, Berens series is utterly sublime. There's a dark dreaminess about his work which I find myself addicted to. While I'm on the subject of… Continue reading Chris Berens : Nethermoor