100 Days Of Blogging #35 – The Moody Art Of Aron Wiesenfeld

Through my friend Sarah Elizabeth's book The Art of Darkness, I was introduced to the work of Aron Wiesenfeld. There's a Post-It Note on the page featuring Wiesenfeld's oil on panel piece The Pit with a scribble of text saying, 'do a photo series inspired by this.' I set out to do so the other day, though it didn't… Continue reading 100 Days Of Blogging #35 – The Moody Art Of Aron Wiesenfeld

100 Days Of Blogging #12 – Some Good Things I Did For Myself Today

Some Good Things I Did For Myself Today Finding the right way to say everything isn't alright is hard. So I'm just going to put the first part of a message I wrote to a friend earlier today because it sort of sums up what's going on with me at this point in time: Life is… Continue reading 100 Days Of Blogging #12 – Some Good Things I Did For Myself Today

Hex Of The Day – Grimm

A Hex On Your Head

So, I was having a fucking brilliant day until the receptionist from the doctors rang to tell me that the blood I’d given recently for checks had come back and that my full blood count was showing that my white blood cells were low. Naturally, my mood plummeted, and my health anxiety lurched from around the corner, smirking and saying, ‘well, well, well, we meet again!’

The doctor will be calling me in the morning, so it’s doubtful I’ll get any shut-eye tonight. It’s happened before that my white blood cell count has been low, but I’m panicking and thinking the worst because that’s what I do. I went on to make myself feel even worse by watching a video and then another about the barbaric Yulin Dog Meat Festival. And then my dad had to go to urgent care because his blood pressure was through the roof. They’re keeping…

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This Is An Uncomfortable Situation

I've been trying to write a blog post where I tell you about life in May for the past three days, and I've been closing it down in frustration because nothing has been coming out the way I want it to. It feels too much of a challenge. Blogging had been coming so naturally since… Continue reading This Is An Uncomfortable Situation

Mental Health Awareness Week Hexlist

A Hex On Your Head

As you’ll know, if you’ve read the About Us page, this blog is hosted by me, Katie and Meghan, and we make up the band Cave Mouth. The lyrics on several of the songs that feature on our albums Hex and The Dark Has Teeth are attempts to distil my experience with depression.

As it’sMental Health Awareness Weekin the UK from the 10th to the 16th of May, I thought it would be a good idea to make a playlist featuring these tracks. You’ll notice when you listen that most of the songs have very sparse lyrics because on some days, writing just a few words was all I could manage.

I see Hex and The Dark Has Teeth are gigantic FUCK YOU’S in the face of depression. I hope that, if you’re currently held hostage by ill mental health, these songs might offer some moments of clarity…

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Hex Of The Day – Níundi

A Hex On Your Head

One of my favourite musical discoveries of 2020 was Níundi. Based in Sweden, this ritualistic dark folk/ambient project is made up of Leslie Chepstow andHenry Möller. On the band’s Bandcamp page, they say:‘Níundi is the supercharged atmosphere found between fire and ice. And within this liminal and misty shadow of dark Norse magick, ritual and ancient story can be heard.’

I’ve searched for interviews and features to garner more knowledge about Níundi, but have failed miserably. Either my researching skills are shit, or there’s really nothing to be found, which would be somewhat devastating because if there’s one band which deserves to have reams written about it, it’s Níundi.

I predict that, in time, I’ll write on A Hex On Your Head about all of their songs because everything they’ve made is so enriching and stirring and valuable.

Tap into the power that is imbued within this album! Make…

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Authenticity In The Wild – One Of The Most Important Videos I’ve Ever Watched

I have been listening to and learning from Freyia Norling for a few months now, and she's enriched my life enormously with her genuineness and wisdom. The video she uploaded yesterday, in which she speaks about leaving London for Northern Norway, has been her most influential video yet. I had to, had to share it.… Continue reading Authenticity In The Wild – One Of The Most Important Videos I’ve Ever Watched

The First Week Of January & How It Went

I had the grandest of plans for the first seven days of January 2021. I was going to write and take a photo everyday and write some more and drink lots of water and consume less salt and journal and run every morning and go to bed at 10.30 and get up at 7 and… Continue reading The First Week Of January & How It Went

2020 In 100 Good Things

I had been avoiding my email inbox for ages, but yesterday, when my first poem of the year was refusing to come together, I found myself sneaking in to have a peek around and found an unread newsletter from the brilliant Austin Kleon. At the top of the newsletter was a link to Austin’s 100… Continue reading 2020 In 100 Good Things