Monday’s Wyrd Findings

I have a long-standing fascination with Baba Yaga. I first encountered this Eastern European folkloric character at the tender age of seven. There was a hut in the woods near my school which, I was told, was her house. Naturally, this terrified me, but I was an odd child, and thrived on fear. I’m utterly enchanted by this Baba Yaga Sculpture made out of resin by Michael Locascio of Dellamorteco.




I’m also going rather wild for this Krampus Ornament


I think antlers and antler replicas make the most effective jewellery. This particular Antler Choker made by Moon Raven Designs is made out of white bronze and sterling silver and is utterly exquisite.


I’ve had a fair few belts in my time, but none have oozed sex appeal quite like this Tural piece. Made by Mother of London it’s crafted from 100% leather  with black hardwear.


I came across the art of Lucy Reynolds today through Pinterest. Her work explores many different dark routes, but I especially like this eerie troll image.


‘It kills me sometimes, how people die.’ Markus Zusak

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