What’s Up? Just Some Big Life Stuff.

A few friends have been asking what's up recently, and giving them a concise answer has been challenging. I've mainly been replying with 'just some big life stuff.'  I've been hanging on, as it were, but I didn't realise quite how deeply this 'big life stuff' has been impacting me until yesterday when I went… Continue reading What’s Up? Just Some Big Life Stuff.

CDs, Vinyls, Tapes & Movie Posters That Don’t Actually Exist

I have some excellent friends. One of those friends is Rich Blackett, and though we've never met, he's done more than his fair share of cheering me up when I've felt at a loss. Rich has a talent for transforming my photos into fake cds, vinyls, tapes and movie posters and though I never know… Continue reading CDs, Vinyls, Tapes & Movie Posters That Don’t Actually Exist

Thank You For Coming – The Anatomy Of A Date Gone Wrong

I didn't think I'd return to Tinder, but living in a remote village and being quite the recluse, meeting men offline isn't easy. I've been single since breaking up with my ex in August 2022 and have been feeling starved of touch. I've been hungering for hugs, kisses and sex, hand-holding, hair stroking and shoulder… Continue reading Thank You For Coming – The Anatomy Of A Date Gone Wrong

100 Good Things From 2022

I've been meaning to write again for a while, but I haven't had it in me for one reason or another. Full transparency - I ended 2022 exhausted. Mentally, emotionally, and physically worn the fuck out. Sure, 2022 saw fleeting triumphant moments, joyful moments, blissful moments, but for the most part, it was a harrowing… Continue reading 100 Good Things From 2022

Blóðnætur – Pet Sematary

So I have a new music project starting up. It's called Blóðnætur which means 'blood nights' in Icelandic. It's made up of myself (in case you didn't know, my other music foray is Witch Folk band Cave Mouth) and musican/composer JD Frew of horror synth project Bogwitch. We're two weird folk creating weird music in… Continue reading Blóðnætur – Pet Sematary

I’m Just Curious, But… : Would You Tell Your Friend They’re Being Cheated On?

I posted a question on Facebook yesterday. It said:  Hypothetical question. No judgement. I'm just curious. If you know for a FACT that a friend of yours has been or is being cheated on by their significant other, would you tell them? I've now been in two relationships where both partners have cheated, and people… Continue reading I’m Just Curious, But… : Would You Tell Your Friend They’re Being Cheated On?