Comfort In The Dark – Words On Why I Wear Black

I was watching one of Freyia Norling's live streams on YouTube the other day, and she was answering questions that had come in from her followers. One of the questions was 'what's your favourite colour?' I said 'black' before the words left my favourite Arctic Witch's lips. Freyia went on to talk about how black… Continue reading Comfort In The Dark – Words On Why I Wear Black

AF Vandevorst FW15

The FW15 collection from Belgium based fashion house AF Vandevorst was inspired by the folklore and traditional dress of Peru. Though, unlike the Peruvians, who like to employ the use of a lot of colour, A F Vandevorst employed the use of a lot of black, which is what we like to see in these… Continue reading AF Vandevorst FW15