Review : Jewelry For The Dead Black Stone Necklace

I was in a state of heightened excitement the moment I landed on the Jewelry For The Dead Etsy page a few weeks ago. I spend quite a lot of time on Etsy, hunting for the best of the best in dark art, jewelry, fashion and crafts to feature on Wyrd Words & Effigies, and there are some days when I find myself thinking ‘fucks sake, I have actually seen everything there is to see on here.’

So, when Jewelry For The Dead popped up, I was psyched and found myself utterly infatuated with everything that was available on the half a dozen pages.

Every piece was amazingly handcrafted and so big! There was nothing dainty or easily breakable in sight, and for someone as clumsy as I am, that was an enormous plus. Also…everything was affordable! To see prices  that didn’t make my eyes water actually put me in a really good mood that day.

Though I loved everything in sight, there was one piece that stood out and would not get out of my head. It was a necklace crafted from black stone…little did I know it would soon be winging its way to me.

Jewelry For The Dead is run by the extraordinarily talented artist Corey Weidmann, who crafts his pieces from materials he’s found while rummaging through antique stores or when he’s out and about in nature. (You can find more details in an article I wrote for CVLT Nation.) Corey’s passion for what he does is truly infectious and he really deserves every success with this endeavour.


What I Love About My Black Stone Necklace

The Posting And Packaging
Corey’s passion runs through every aspect of his business, including the postage and packing of his creations. When my necklace arrived today from America, it came well protected in a bubble wrap envelope, package paper and a useful handmade black cotton bag. The necklace looked even more impressive than it had done online. I was also mightily impressed with the business cards which came along. All were highly original and will work well as little decorations for my wall, and as spare book marks. I’ll also pop one in my wallet as you never know who you’re going to meet…

The Appearance And Design Of The Necklace
I don’t know exactly what it was that made me feel drawn to the black stone necklace, but I knew that it was something really very special. Maybe because it reminded me of old lava that I would often see in Iceland when I was there a number of years ago.

The stone is carefully wrapped with black wire that’s attached to a metal ring which is then very securely attached to a durable leather cord. It’s the kind of necklace that would survive a World War.


The Weight And How It Looks On
There’s some real weight behind the necklace, and it’s a strong reminder that I have a piece of the earth around my neck. I also love the length at which it hangs, it really makes it feel like a statement piece. Overall I just absolutely love it.


Other Important Details:
Every piece from Jewelry For The Dead is handcrafted and unique, so there isn’t another one of these available as far as I know…however, there’s dozens of other choices for you over at the Jewelry For The Dead Etsy page which you can find here, choices such as this Black Antler Necklace  or this Rusty Nails Necklace.
Jewelry For The Dead can also be found on Instagram.

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