Review : Hysteria Machine Antlers

Hysteria Machine first came to my attention when I happened upon some photographs of the beautiful and talented Dutch model Psychara. She was wearing a pair of their antlers and I was utterly smitten.

Established and run by full-time creative and artist Cara Trinder, Hysteria Machine is a London based business which specializes in macabre headdresses and accessories.

What really appealed to me about Hysteria Machine – aside from the exquisite pieces for sale – was Cara’s genuine passion for what she does. I couldn’t help but smile to myself as I read her Etsy ‘About Page.’ Everything written there has come straight from her heart and spoke to me on more levels than one. Like myself, Cara is a woman who lives for her art.

So, when it came to deciding which antlers I would be purchasing, I found myself struggling for days. I wanted them all! In the end, I settled for two pairs, the Medium Deer Antlers Headband and the Mini Icicle Winter Deer Antlers Headband. I intend on wearing both pairs when I perform my poetry show In The Northern Darkness in the new year.



What I Love About Hysteria Machine and My Antler Headbands:

The Service

I purchased both antler headbands on the 11th of December and they arrived on the 18th perfectly packaged in cardboard and soft, black tissue paper. Considering that the headbands are made to order, and that the postal service is always chaotic at this time of year, I was thrilled that they arrived so quickly, and in perfect condition too.

The Appearance And Design

Both antler headbands looked just like those I had studied in the photos on Hysteria Machine’s Etsy page. I almost cried they were so beautiful.

The icicle antlers are crafted from light weight, clear resin, and are very securely attached to a sturdy but discrete metal headband. The medium deer antlers are also crafted from light weight resin, and are painted to make them look extremely life like. They’re attached to a metal headband too.





The Fit, Weight And Durability

Both headbands settled comfortably on my head, and were so lightweight it was almost as if I wasn’t wearing anything on my head at all. They’re both also extremely durable.

Other Important Details:

Product 1: Medium Deer Antlers Headband

Price: £25

Shipping: £1.25

Product 2: Mini Icicle Winter Deer Antlers Headband (I don’t know if this product is still available. When I last checked on the Hysteria Machine Etsy I couldn’t find another one so it might be worth contacting Cara and asking about it).

You can buy your own antler headdress, and many other weird and wonderful accessories here.

Find Hysteria Machine on Etsy, Facebook and Instagram.


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