Dark Fashion Thrift Finds : Alpine Snowsport Moonboots

I am madly, madly passionate about thrifting. There’s not many things in life that give me more pleasure than rooting through second hand wares.

So, the other day I went to buy milk and bread…and came back with a pair of  unworn Alpine Snowshoe Moonboots for £6. I always have a quick scout in the four charity shops that we have in town, just to check…and it was my lucky day.


I tried them on and they were insanely comfortable and soft…so, so soft. I decided to have a quick think about whether or not I should buy them, so left the store. About three minutes later I ran back and grabbed them up. I knew I would regret it massively if I’d walked away and not come back for them.

2015 has been an incredible year for thrifting. I’ve found so many incredible things, though I think these boots are up there with my top finds.

Now I’m waiting at the window for the snow to arrive so I can put them to good use.

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