Hushed By The Kerbside – A Poem

The other day, I found a rabbit that had been killed by a car. I needed to write about it. Please forgive the formatting...Wordpress is being an arse and not formatting it how I had it laid out in the original document. *Sigh.* Hushed By The Kirbside Rabbit, what happened to your beautiful eye? The… Continue reading Hushed By The Kerbside – A Poem

Carry The Fire – Some Quotes For Those Who Write

I am in a peculiar and uncomfortable headspace at the moment and it's making writing poetry difficult. A few weeks ago, after a particularly rough writing day where I produced a poem that better identifies as drivel, I found myself overwhelmed by and then trapped with the idea that every poem I'd write from then… Continue reading Carry The Fire – Some Quotes For Those Who Write

Write Yourself Awake: Wyrd Creative Writing Prompts

How's your writing year going so far? Extremely fucking well I hope! My plan for what writing I'd like to get done this year has been shifted around and re-drafted in the past few days, as I found myself experiencing a stronger pull to the projects I wanted to work on in the second half… Continue reading Write Yourself Awake: Wyrd Creative Writing Prompts

May Your Hunger Guide You – Words For Creatives Going Forward (Part II)

“Draw the art you want to see, start the business you want to run, play the music you want to hear, write the books you want to read, build the products you want to use – do the work you want to see done.”Austin Kleon If you're coming here after reading Part I of this… Continue reading May Your Hunger Guide You – Words For Creatives Going Forward (Part II)

The Darkest Days – Jack Frost

While researching into Jack Frost, I found out that if you didn't praise the art he left on the window panes, you'd have to face his wrath...which could involve being led astray in sub zero temperatures. This led me to create the following poem. It's a very rough first draft, so please bear with me!… Continue reading The Darkest Days – Jack Frost

The Darkest Days – Marzanna

Writing about the Slavic Pagan goddess Marzanna wasn't, for whatever reason, easy. Neither was capturing a portrait. It's happened a few times during the past weeks that things just haven't come together, no matter how hard I've tried. In theory, it should have been straightforward, she's the personification of my favourite season for crying out… Continue reading The Darkest Days – Marzanna

Roadkill : A Poem

I'm collaborating with my Cave Mouth bandmate and sister shaman Meghan Wood on my forthcoming spoken word album and have made a little teaser video for the poem 'Roadkill.' If you have a spare four and a bit minutes, please do give it a listen. Hope you enjoy it!

Good Things That Have Happened This Week

New Boots Anyone who knows me well will know that, for the past decade, I've been wearing French Ranger boots. I've walked my way through several pairs, only getting rid when the soles have worn through. I've always bought them from the same place without a problem, but for some reason last year, I thought… Continue reading Good Things That Have Happened This Week