Review : Hysteria Machine Antlers

Hysteria Machine first came to my attention when I happened upon some photographs of the beautiful and talented Dutch model Psychara. She was wearing a pair of their antlers and I was utterly smitten. Established and run by full-time creative and artist Cara Trinder, Hysteria Machine is a London based business which specializes in macabre… Continue reading Review : Hysteria Machine Antlers

An Interview With Petra Shara Stoor Of Skulls & Bones Artwork

The skull art work of Petra Shara Stoor - a  Finnish artist based in Sweden - is quite unlike anything I’ve ever come across before. I contacted her moments after stumbling across her Facebook page, and to my absolute delight, we’ve put together an interview that will hopefully work as an introduction to her unique… Continue reading An Interview With Petra Shara Stoor Of Skulls & Bones Artwork