100 Days Of Blogging #36 – There’s A Witch In The Forest

Not much for you today folks, I'm afraid. I was out for most of the afternoon being photographed in the forest waving around a sword and trying not to trip over my billowing robes (aka a black, roughed up sheet hoiked up around my waist with a hair tie) and am well and truly knackered.… Continue reading 100 Days Of Blogging #36 – There’s A Witch In The Forest

100 Days Of Blogging #9 – I Have A Thing For The Mermaid From The Lighthouse

I've had many obscure (or perfectly understandable...you decide) crushes over my lifetime. Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing from the anime Hellsing, Storm from the X-Men cartoon, the dad from Casper, the dad from The Secret Garden, Kristoff from Frozen, and the valkyrie from The Northman, to name but a few. So it doesn't phase me to admit I have a thing for… Continue reading 100 Days Of Blogging #9 – I Have A Thing For The Mermaid From The Lighthouse

100 Days Of Blogging #5 – She Creeps

I like to make props for my photography. These self-portraits are from a couple of years ago (though just edited for the first time the other night) and feature some demonic fingers I crafted using silver foil, masking tape and black paint. These fingers were some of the first props I made and while I've… Continue reading 100 Days Of Blogging #5 – She Creeps

Blóðnætur – Pet Sematary

So I have a new music project starting up. It's called Blóðnætur which means 'blood nights' in Icelandic. It's made up of myself (in case you didn't know, my other music foray is Witch Folk band Cave Mouth) and musican/composer JD Frew of horror synth project Bogwitch. We're two weird folk creating weird music in… Continue reading Blóðnætur – Pet Sematary

All Those Summer Nightmares : Self-Portraits June/July/August

This devastatingly hot summer is one I would rather forget for reasons I'll inevitably discuss with a therapist. Depression has his heavy paws on my shoulders, so I don't have what it takes today to really talk about my photographic journey these past few months. Also, WordPress has fucked around with the editing functions since… Continue reading All Those Summer Nightmares : Self-Portraits June/July/August

A Wyrd Of Her Own

Oh, hi there. I last posted a stupidly long time ago. Between the times of yore and now, a fair bit has gone on. Five of the most significant things include: moving into a cottage in the North York Moors National Park, revolutionizing my relationship with food*, deleting Instagram, creating balanced days* and not giving up… Continue reading A Wyrd Of Her Own

July’s Self-Portraits

Today has not been a good day. If I were in a better frame of mind, I would have much to say about what I thought was a shoddy month of capturing myself. But, as it transpires, I managed to get a fair amount of imagery conjured up. I overuse the word ‘conjured.’ I need… Continue reading July’s Self-Portraits