In These Last Days Of Winter – Snowdrops

Last week, the snowdrops in the garden were hunkered down as if sleeping. Today though, I noticed their heads were lifted and they appeared wide awake. Despite looking as fragile as could be, snowdrops are extremely hardy and one of the very first spring bulbs to pierce snow cover - the leaf at the top… Continue reading In These Last Days Of Winter – Snowdrops

Never Forget Who You Are : 10 Of My Favourite Witchcraft Inspired Necklaces

The resurgence of witchcraft in recent years has been something remarkable to witness. Every day, or so it seems, another blog, or magazine, or subscription crate is being cracked open and revealed to the world. And this widespread surge of creativity is deeply inspirational. One aspect of this re-birth that I've been unable to ignore… Continue reading Never Forget Who You Are : 10 Of My Favourite Witchcraft Inspired Necklaces

Catacomb Culture

I am particularly fussy about skulls and using them as decor/utensils/accessories/what have you. I find they can, more often than not, look too kitsch...and kitsch isn't something that sits well with me at all. I'm the sort of person who will gag at the sight of a skull/rose (often you'll find a gun there too...)… Continue reading Catacomb Culture

Wear Your Source Of Light Around Around Your Neck : 10 Of The Most Desirable Clear Quartz Necklaces

Since I was about seven years old, I've had an affiliation with crystals, feeling a particularly strong connection with clear quartz. It might have had something to do with its connection to ice, for quartz is also known as  the ice crystal. Little did I know when I was so small, how bit an impact… Continue reading Wear Your Source Of Light Around Around Your Neck : 10 Of The Most Desirable Clear Quartz Necklaces

Special Things For Your Little Shadow

Ever since I discovered out I was pregnant, I've been finding it really, really hard not to spend hours at a time browsing the astounding range of meticulously handcrafted goods available for little shadows on Etsy. Once I get started, I think of another search term, then another, then another... Sometimes I just let myself… Continue reading Special Things For Your Little Shadow

Everything You Need For Halloween At Home From Creative, Small Businesses

Halloween is 61 days away. I swear I thought it was sooner. Much sooner. Probably because I'm raging with excitement for it this time around. I'm spending about 12 of the 24 hours I get in a day on Pinterest, finding worthwhile Halloween DIY projects and gathering inspo for decorating the apartment. When I'm not… Continue reading Everything You Need For Halloween At Home From Creative, Small Businesses

List Of Lust

So here we are, the first 'proper' post! And what better way to get things rolling than with talking about stuff I'd love to have but can't. List Of Lust is a very self-explanatory feature...I'm basically rounding up all the wyrd things that I've had my eye on over the past week, and putting them… Continue reading List Of Lust

Wearing October : My Favourite Broomstick Necklaces

It was Burial Ground's Broomstick Necklace which established my infatuation for broomsticks small enough to wear around my throat. Since my first encounter I've kept a keen eye on the inter-web, scooping up links to squirrel away for the day when the number on my bank balance slip isn't so feeble. Burial Ground - From… Continue reading Wearing October : My Favourite Broomstick Necklaces

Shopping In The Dark : Hair Accessories Special

Welcome to installment six of Shopping In The Dark. This week it’s all about hair forks, pins and combs. I hope that you enjoy my selection! Click on the pictures to be taken straight to the product you want to check out further. Please support these small businesses and help them to flourish in the… Continue reading Shopping In The Dark : Hair Accessories Special