Review : Jewelry For The Dead Black Stone Necklace

I was in a state of heightened excitement the moment I landed on the Jewelry For The Dead Etsy page a few weeks ago. I spend quite a lot of time on Etsy, hunting for the best of the best in dark art, jewelry, fashion and crafts to feature on Wyrd Words & Effigies, and… Continue reading Review : Jewelry For The Dead Black Stone Necklace

Jewelry For The Dead

Corey Weidmann¬† of Jewelry for the Dead creates wearable,¬†affordable art - jewellery, bags and clothing - inspired by the dark and weird. Every piece available in the Jewelry for the Dead Etsy store has been handmade with materials acquired¬† by searching thoroughly through antique shops and natural resources such as streams, forests and rivers. Here… Continue reading Jewelry For The Dead