The Nottingham Horror Collective Zine : The High Priestess Issue

Halló, Halló. I bet you've been wondering if I'd show up around here again, haven't you? Or not. I'd like to think you have. Since I last wrote back in January, life has been diff-i-cult. I've been dealing with the after effects of Covid, my depression awoke from its not-long-enough slumber and life in England has… Continue reading The Nottingham Horror Collective Zine : The High Priestess Issue

6 Books Of Deep, Dark Poetry That I Need

I always need more poetry in my life. Always. I do read poetry online, and I'm immensly grateful for poetry online. But it can't give me that same strong sense of deep satisfaction that holding a book and reading from it does. It used to be easier to indulge my curiosity when there was that… Continue reading 6 Books Of Deep, Dark Poetry That I Need

6 Books I Will Buy When Satan Smiles Up At Me

It's been a while since I bought a new book. I found The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron for 25 Krona the other week in a thrift store, so I scooped that up pretty fast. But new books...hell, I can't actually remember the last new book I bought. I think it might have been Don't… Continue reading 6 Books I Will Buy When Satan Smiles Up At Me

My New Poetry Collection Is Available To Buy

My poetry collection In The Hours Of Darkness is now available to download from Etsy. It will be available in printed form within the next few days. Every purchase and share is greatly appreciated! You can buy it here. In The Hours Of Darkness is a collection of forty two poems, each of which has… Continue reading My New Poetry Collection Is Available To Buy

Spread Darkness This Yule

It's always a challenge to write about your own work, so what I'm going to do is just leave these totes from my Redbubble shop here. If you see one you like, just click on the image and, like magic, you'll be taken straight to it. I also have two books for sale, The Long… Continue reading Spread Darkness This Yule

Visual Subsistence For Dark Souls

Wyrd Words & Effigies Magazine Issue 2 is on the way. To get an idea of what the magazine is all about, have a watch of the promo video for the first issue, then download the magazine for free. The first issue's theme of death and dying should satisfy your most morbid curiosities.This is visual… Continue reading Visual Subsistence For Dark Souls

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

I first stumbled upon The Order Of The Good Death when I was creating the first issue of Wyrd Words & Effigies Magazine earlier on in the year, and I've been popping back ever since. To discover that its founder the wonderful and beautiful and funny Caitlin Doughty had published a book was extremely exciting,… Continue reading Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Do You Write Dark Short Stories Or Poetry?

I've recently established a publishing company with some good friends of mine in Norway - NordLand Publishing. We are currently putting together the first book in a series of anthologies entitled The Affinity Series. The first book in this series focuses on Scandinavian Folklore, and we are looking for poetry and prose submissions on this… Continue reading Do You Write Dark Short Stories Or Poetry?

Not Many Nights Now

Graphic designer Anya Grainger is hard at work putting together the first issue of Wyrd Words & Effigies. I've worked with Anya on multiple occasions and she has always exceeded my expectations with his phenomenal work. I am extremely proud to have her on board with Wyrd Words and I strongly suggest that if you… Continue reading Not Many Nights Now