A Pack To Howl With

I've been feeling abysmal since early afternoon. It felt like death was waiting with his door open. That might sound like I'm overly dramatic, but for about two hours, I felt sick, so sick. I left a friend a voice message, and I broke down. I couldn't not cry. And my stomach, my god-forsaken stomach,… Continue reading A Pack To Howl With

The Darker, The Better – Things From The Pages Of My Notebook

Would someone be so kind as to explain exactly where the actual fuck this past week has gone? Time is taking the piss this year. Despite this somewhat aggressive introduction, I've had a primarily superb weekend. I video messaged with a friend today without hiding my face. I went live on Instagram for the first… Continue reading The Darker, The Better – Things From The Pages Of My Notebook

The Dark Has Teeth

Okay then folks, here she is, Cave Mouth’s second album The Dark Has Teeth, released by Non Posse Mori Records with artwork by the astounding Asphodel Art. We’ll be putting CD’s up for sale next week along with patches! (I don’t think I’ve shown you the patches yet, have I? They’re fucking beautiful.) I’d be… Continue reading The Dark Has Teeth

Reflecting On March – A Bittersweet Month

Well, what a month March was. Turbulent, to say the least.  I thought I’d use this post to share some reflections on what went down in the past four weeks. Excuse me if it isn’t all that well ‘put together,’ but my laptop fan is struggling, and, according to my brother, ‘sounds fucked.’ So concentrating… Continue reading Reflecting On March – A Bittersweet Month

See You On The Other Side Of The Crow Moon

This past week hasn't been especially easy. (I'm really not happy with how much of a struggle this year has been thus far. It seems I'm pretty much always starting a post telling you about how difficult life is.) Mid-week, I was plagued, yet again, with severe health anxieties that had a detrimental effect on… Continue reading See You On The Other Side Of The Crow Moon

Carry The Fire – Some Quotes For Those Who Write

I am in a peculiar and uncomfortable headspace at the moment and it's making writing poetry difficult. A few weeks ago, after a particularly rough writing day where I produced a poem that better identifies as drivel, I found myself overwhelmed by and then trapped with the idea that every poem I'd write from then… Continue reading Carry The Fire – Some Quotes For Those Who Write

My (Mostly) Wretched Week

The first week of March was (mostly) wretched. Things started going wrong when the tragic reality of Brexit and the loss of freedom of movement descended over me like the heaviest, darkest, most miserable cloud imaginable. I’d been thinking about Brexit matters and how they affect me for a while, but up until last week,… Continue reading My (Mostly) Wretched Week

Fire Found Me – I Blogged For 31 Days

I set myself a challenge at the beginning of January - to blog every single day of the month. And I did. I completed the challenge. Sitting here, writing to you, and telling you about my accomplishment feels fucking brilliant. There were a few days where it was rough going, but mostly, it was a… Continue reading Fire Found Me – I Blogged For 31 Days

Things That Have Been Making Me Sad And Pissed Off Recently

Covid-19 has made life challenging, uncertain and fucking terrifying for people the world over. Mar a few comments months ago about missing going to the library, I haven't really spoken about Covid-19 here or anywhere else, because, frankly, I don't know what to say. I still find it all extremely surreal. I was in two… Continue reading Things That Have Been Making Me Sad And Pissed Off Recently

I Want To Love You – The Complicated Relationship I Have With My Face

I stopped and started and stopped and started with this blog post. Wondering, should I? Shouldn't I? I've decided to go ahead and post it, because someone else may be going through a similar experience, and nobody should have to struggle with this alone. There's no plan laid out of what I'm going to write,… Continue reading I Want To Love You – The Complicated Relationship I Have With My Face