Thrifting In The Dark : Black Iron Hanging Candle Holder

Thrifting is in my blood, so I know that when I see something special, and it’s affordable, I do not bloody hesitate. Hesitate and I lose it.  Guaranteed.

When I saw this black iron hanging candle holder on sale for 35 krona (about £3.50) I immediately pounced, knowing that if I left it, just for a day, I’d come back and the air in which it had been hanging would be empty.

Someone else would be lighting the 8 tea lights when the darkness gathered. Someone else would be standing back to marvel at its medieval-esque beauty, while basking in the knowledge that they’d got a fucking incredible deal.


Up until, well, this year really, I used to neglect the areas of the thrift stores selling light fittings, picture frames, crockery, that sort of thing. But now…now I leave no stone unturned. If I go thrifting, I look at everything.

I would like to think that this gorgeous piece of craftsmanship is a one off, and I’ve a hundred and one ideas tumbling around in my head of where it had been before it found itself in the thrift store.


As you’ll know, shopping in Sweden is expensive. Really fucking expensive. I saw an organic cucumber for nearly £6 today. It’s unreal. So I practically live in the thrift stores, constantly rummaging for treasures.

When you find something that you want to take home, and you can afford to take it home and STILL be able to buy something for dinner, folks, it’s just the best feeling in the world. I’d love to know about your thrifting experiences and what strange treasures you’ve found!


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