The Magnetic Pull Of The Old : Gibbous Fashions

Gibbous Fashions (named so because the creator was born under a waxing gibbous moon) first came across my radar ages ago, and while it’s always been stored in the back of my memory box, I’ve never ventured past the Facebook ads to see what lies beyond. Foolish woman that I am.

Well, the day before yesterday I did move beyond Facebook, and found myself on a website of such overwhelming gorgeousness it was almost too much.

I could have stayed there all day, slowly sneaking through each and every item listed and getting lost in the mesmerizing sentences of  Selene Ahnese, a self-taught artist.

“My path of stitches started at eleven, when the first beautiful sewing machine arrived on my birthday. I promptly fell in love, named her Stella, and a lifelong habit of nocturnal stitchery was born. I was raised with an interesting mix of influences..learning the value of hard work, independence & accountability quite early; yet at the same time becoming deeply immersed in the ephemeral world of Nature, spirits, faeries, and the otherworldly. I loved nothing more as a child than staying out all day, roaming the forest and haunted old barns with my cousins, where the borders between worlds seemed to shimmer and dissolve.”

Her way with words is an enviable as her capability to make magic from whatever she finds in dumpsters, flea markets and antique stores. Read her diary. It’ll become your new ‘go to everyday’ thing.

What drew me in on this occasion was The Cinder Bonnet…

“A soft quilted bonnet made with vintage velvet & victorian trim. lined with beautiful old floral cotton. a chain link &  ribbon can tie under chin or behind head. there are some hook & eyes on the back so it can also worn like the first photo. this is super soft, cozy & comforting. it’s going to be someone’s best friend this winter.”

If my bank account wasn’t currently £4.97 I would be on this like a hawk.



Aside from bonnets, Selene makes coats, dresses, skirts, vests, jewellery, mostly from pre-1970’s fabrics…each creation is unlike anything else you’ll find anywhere. Ever. Using colours I didn’t know existed, she stitches and shapes clothing that are as much pieces of fantastical art as they are achingly wearable pieces.

“I’ve been collecting clothes and fabric for half my life..Many of my jobs in the past were at thrift & vintage stores and I acquired all kinds of treasures from them..Also; surplus stores, flea markets, antique stores, sales, dumpsters, and many lovely donations.”

Now that I’ve seen the full extent of what Selene is capable of, I want to make the effort to support this hugely talented creative in her life’s journey…and I hope you will too. Now, scarper over to her website and get something that sings to your soul, for, as Selene herself says;  “Our clothing is probably the most intimate external element of the self.”

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