The Magnetic Pull Of The Old : Gibbous Fashions

Gibbous Fashions (named so because the creator was born under a waxing gibbous moon) first came across my radar ages ago, and while it's always been stored in the back of my memory box, I've never ventured past the Facebook ads to see what lies beyond. Foolish woman that I am. Well, the day before… Continue reading The Magnetic Pull Of The Old : Gibbous Fashions

Sisters Of The Black Moon Sale : The Mountain Iron Vest

I've been stalking the Sisters Of The Black Moon site for such a long time...but I've yet to be able to actually buy anything, which massively sucks. If you have a bit of extra dough and are wondering what to do with it, listen up because they are having a 25% of EVERYTHING in store… Continue reading Sisters Of The Black Moon Sale : The Mountain Iron Vest

Shades Of Silence

We all experience that moment when we come across a clothing store that we feel was created exclusively for ourselves. That's exactly how I felt when I landed upon Hong Kong based Shades of Silence nearly a year ago. I recall how I almost started weeping as I clicked my way through page after page… Continue reading Shades Of Silence