Thrift Haul

There’s nothing quite like the feeling just before the thrift hunt…that absolutely anything can be found.

Thing is, thrifting isn’t only something I do because-I-love-it-and-it’s-one-of-the-best-things- to-do-in- the- world-ever, it’s something I need to do. I simply don’t have the budget to buy new clothes.

I’ve always needed to be savvy with my spending, even more so now that I’m living in Sweden. Nowadays I go thrifting with a purpose, and there’s nothing quite like coming away having spent very little but holding some really special pieces that you can see yourself wearing for years.

Everything I found in this haul was picked up in Borås from Emmaus, Myrona and Erikshjälpen.






I found this Lea Knitted Tunic from Swedish fashion chain Gina Tricot for 30 krona. It’s in immaculate condition and the fit is exactly the sort I feel comfortable and confident in. To me it has a bit of a battle maiden feel going on, especially with the open back. I’ve handled a lot of clothes from Gina Tricot as I’ve been thrifting, and they’ve always been of the highest quality.






I never buy anything unless I truly love it…and I really loved this bag from the second it caught my eye. Crafted from leather, this sturdy, handsome beast has plenty of pockets and gorgeous silver buckles. And it was a steal at 60 krona.






It’s a special day when I wear something other than black. I found this Zara dress at the bottom of a 20 krona bargain bin. At first I was worried it might be a bit formal, but after trying it on, I knew I wouldn’t be leaving without it. I felt a bit Victoriana in it, one style I’m finding myself becoming infatuated with.




It was the poofy skirt which really won me over with this dress/cardigan combo. Reduced from 150 krona to just 20 krona, this Jaune Rouge (a label I’d never heard of before I found this outfit) is an unusual dress with a wool cardigan attached. I could have done without the cardigan, because the dress is gorgeous on its own, but at least it’ll do in winter too because it’s warm as hell. My favourite part has to be the big, open pockets. I always feel like I’m in a Moomin story when I have big pockets on my outfits.





This tunic dress is one of my all-time favourite thift pieces. It makes me feel confident and ready for anything…and for only 30 krona. Tie Dye can be extremely hit or miss, but this dress wins on all levels. It’s by a label called Skill…again, another one I haven’t heard of before I tugged this from the rail.


While I don’t normally go for colour…this deep purple sheer dress originally from H&M was impossible to ignore, especially seen as though it was another 20 krona bargain. While it’s a little bit big…I’m going to make it work for me.



Lastly, there’s this 30 krona vest top. I’m re-discovering my passion for Edwardian style, and this will work with practically every skirt I own. Don’t think I could have asked for more on top of this lot really. Another successful haul in Borås! Hang tight for my next one…

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