Getting Dressed In The Dark : Barbara I Gongini Shaggy Coat

I am forever in awe of Copenhagen based (very) luxury (although I wish it wasn't so much luxury, so that I'd be actually able to afford something sometime) avant garde clothing giant Barbara I Gongini. Usually I'm pretty good with keeping up to date with the most recent dark fashion, but there is ALWAYS something… Continue reading Getting Dressed In The Dark : Barbara I Gongini Shaggy Coat

The Magnetic Pull Of The Old : Gibbous Fashions

Gibbous Fashions (named so because the creator was born under a waxing gibbous moon) first came across my radar ages ago, and while it's always been stored in the back of my memory box, I've never ventured past the Facebook ads to see what lies beyond. Foolish woman that I am. Well, the day before… Continue reading The Magnetic Pull Of The Old : Gibbous Fashions

An Apology & Coffin Nails

I would like to apologise for not posting my Shopping In The Dark chosen Etsy shops on Monday. Life was + lots of chaos. It will be back next Monday though. Anyway...without further ado I want to jab these spectacularly grim Nail in the Coffin Earrings in your direction. Crafted by Extollo Jewellery, these antique… Continue reading An Apology & Coffin Nails