I grew up with a lot of Dutch and German friends, and was introduced to the tradition of St Nicholas when I was seven years old. However, when St Nicholas came to visit us in School, and when he left gifts in our shoes at home…there was no Krampus by his side.

It’s not all that surprising though, really. I think the sight of a horned, anthropomorphic figure would have sent most kids under ten into shock. Though I was a right little fear junkie and would have got a real kick out of seeing Krampus turn up with his curled horns, fiery eyes and sack on his back to transport the bad children to hell.

Tonight, in many places across Europe, the Krampuslauf (Krampus Run) will take place, so in celebration of the great horned one, I have collected together some of my favourite art, vintage cards and postcards, crafts and keepsakes, all of which have been created in his honour.


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  1. Sean Gallup 2. Unknown

       3.Michael JTR 4. Luke Ramsey

       5. Craig J Spearing 6. David W

Keepsakes & Crafts

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  1. Skull Garden Shop Lino Card    2. Bedlam Supply Co Button

      3. Wyrd Werks Soap      4. 100 Proof Press Rubber Stamp

      5. Embroidered By Sue Tea Towel     6. Dellamorteco Decoration

Vintage Cards & Postcards

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All Unknown





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