Art Of The VVitch

Three years after its release, The VVitch remains to be the best horror film I've ever seen. (The Blair Witch Project comes in at a close second followed by The Babadook.) The cult that the film has ignited is inspiring, refreshing and, quite frankly, fucking brilliant for the witches of today. I can remember watching… Continue reading Art Of The VVitch

Dress Me In Horror : Part II

Here we are for part II of this new series...if you haven't checked out the first post, you can do so here. I haven't had any 'shut up and take my money' fashion moments in horror recently. Which is kind of sad, but then again the horror I've been indulging in hasn't really called for… Continue reading Dress Me In Horror : Part II

Intriguing Instas : The Yellow Wallpaper

So, you'll all know about my obsession with embroidery. And believe me, it's only going to get stronger so if you've had enough, better to back off now. For those of you still here, you're in for a treat! I've been lurking around Instagram on the hunt for embroidery to get my creative juices flowing,… Continue reading Intriguing Instas : The Yellow Wallpaper

Intriguing Instas : The VVitch

After the popularity of my last Instagram series, The Witches & Wraiths of Instagram, I decided to start Intriguing Instas, a new, regular series with a broader focus. Funnily enough though, this first post is dedicated to witchcraft...what are the chances of that happening?! Since watching The VVitch last month, my senses have been turned… Continue reading Intriguing Instas : The VVitch

Sounds Of The Day : For The Dead Travel Fast

My sounds of the day are to be found on the wonderful For The Dead Travel Fast playlist assembled by a lady I mention often here, the enchanting and talented Sarah Elisabeth of Unquiet Things. Featuring 62 supernatural offerings from films such as The Witch, Halloween and Black Swan, I've had this unsurpassed assemblage on… Continue reading Sounds Of The Day : For The Dead Travel Fast

Shopping In The Dark : Macabre Etsy Shops You Need To See

Monday for me means new beginnings, so it's the perfect day to launch my weekly series 'Shopping In The Dark.'Every Monday I will feature a post dedicated to four macarbe Etsy shops that I'm infatuated with. I hope you enjoy my strange selection and if you would like to recommend a macabre shop for me… Continue reading Shopping In The Dark : Macabre Etsy Shops You Need To See