See What I See

I've been using Pinterest a fair bit recently. I find it to be a healthier alternative to Instagram. There's more of 'the good stuff' there, and I tend not to find myself pining for the old days, before the word 'selfie' was thought up by a drunk Australian. When I go there to gather inspiration,… Continue reading See What I See

Interview : Kristen Phillips Of FloridXFauna

When I first laid eyes on the jewelry designs from LA based creative soul Kristen Phillips of Floridxfauna I screamed. Jewelry that packs such a powerful punch to the heart doesn't come around too often. I knew that I needed to have one of her pieces or...I'd die or something. (I was gifted with the… Continue reading Interview : Kristen Phillips Of FloridXFauna

Sticky Monsters

My youngest brother ought to be a personal shopper for odd folk who don't know what to buy for their favourite odd person. Yesterday he presented me with the gift of John Kenn Mortensen's book Sticky Monsters and I went slightly hysterical. I'm a big fan of the Danish artist's work. If you're not familiar… Continue reading Sticky Monsters

Interview : Author Dayal Patterson

Dayal Patterson's book, Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult was one of my top reads for 2014 and it was an honour to interview the man behind it. Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult presents, without a doubt, the definitive history of black metal. The mind behind the tome is Dayal Patterson, a writer, photographer… Continue reading Interview : Author Dayal Patterson

Interview : Helena Perminger Of Sphæra

I fell upon contemporary art and jewellery emporium Sphæra while browsing through the list of creatives attending the DRK MSS autumn market that took place in October in Stockholm. The attraction to Swedish artist Helena Perminger's enigmatic jewellery was immediate and powerful. I knew that I had to talk to her, and hear the stories… Continue reading Interview : Helena Perminger Of Sphæra