A Wyrd Of Her Own

Oh, hi there.

I last posted a stupidly long time ago. Between the times of yore and now, a fair bit has gone on. Five of the most significant things include: moving into a cottage in the North York Moors National Park, revolutionizing my relationship with food*, deleting Instagram, creating balanced days* and not giving up on the book I’m writing. I could elaborate on these in another post if there’s any interest in me doing so. 

*These will always, always, always be works in progress.

It feels bizarre to be writing ‘out in the open’ again. I was on Patreon a few moments ago, writing freely and speedily, and now I’m here I’m like Homer in his moo moo trying to find the any key.  

I’m used to writing on Patreon, and my wolfpack there knows where I’ve been and what I’m doing. It feels familiar, homely, and safe. So I’m easing myself into being away from the shelter of my cave. 

If you’re here, the likelihood that you found this blog while searching for dark art is pretty darn high as in, probably about 98%, so I’ll give you some dark art before I take off all bat like. 

Theese photographs have all been taken in the last few months, and they’re for sale in my Etsy shop, A Wyrd Of Her Own. (I’m saving to upgrade my camera equipment, so any purchases are massively appreciated.) I should also mention that over on Patreon (got to keep getting it in, right?), I’m offering my Patrons 15% off anything in my shop…books, photo prints, moose tooth keyrings. Yes, you read that right. Keyrings made from moose teeth. They’re about as robust a keyring as you could hope to find, and god damn, are they unique. Have you ever met anyone with a keyring made from a moose tooth? I didn’t think so. 

Come In, Come In I / Self-Portrait
Sulpherous Summer Nights / With Giorgia Sottotetti in Iceland
Come In, Come In II / Self-Portrait

Be like me; have the keys to your castle (or sandstone cottage) attached to a tooth once in the mouth of moose chomping on trees in the heartland of Sweden. 

P.S. If you like what you find on Etsy, feel free to spread the word. Seen as though I’m not climbing the walls of social media anymore, word of mouth (or typing fingers) is more valuable than ever. 

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