Root Yourself, Earth-Sign

"But we know, damnit all—we KNOW: our dark, the one that we are and have, is where we grow. So, as ever, root yourself, Earth-sign. Root yourself and do as things growing in the dark do. Wait—and grow immense and undeniably present in yourself." - Nafre, my friend who bleeds wisdom.

The Dark Has Teeth

Okay then folks, here she is, Cave Mouth’s second album The Dark Has Teeth, released by Non Posse Mori Records with artwork by the astounding Asphodel Art. We’ll be putting CD’s up for sale next week along with patches! (I don’t think I’ve shown you the patches yet, have I? They’re fucking beautiful.) I’d be… Continue reading The Dark Has Teeth

Do It Scared – Things From The Pages Of My Notebook

I was struggling to think of what to write about today. I usually plan my blog post the night before, but last night, none of my ideas could hold their ground. (I always struggle with life on a Saturday night, knowing Sunday is mere hours away...Sunday and I have a bittersweet relationship.) It was the… Continue reading Do It Scared – Things From The Pages Of My Notebook

I’m Taking A Social Media Sabbatical

I was on Instagram last night when I was struck with the thought 'you need to spend some time away from this, some time away from Instagram and Facebook, some time away from social media.' I haven't been spending that much time on these platforms recently, not since deciding a few weeks ago that I… Continue reading I’m Taking A Social Media Sabbatical

My Vision Wall

So horrible was the dream I found myself in last night that when I woke up I thought to myself, 'Well, that's my day ruined. Might as well just stay here.' But I knew I'd end up stewing in my despair, and then that despair would end up bleeding into tomorrow and I'd spend tomorrow… Continue reading My Vision Wall

Reading Myself Back To Life : Books I Read In 2020 (Part I)

2020 wasn't a big reading year for me. As you might know, I spent most of it sleeping. But I did make it through the books listed below, and they're here because they gifted me with inspiration, motivation, clarity and a whole lot else besides. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert There's… Continue reading Reading Myself Back To Life : Books I Read In 2020 (Part I)

The Story So Far Of Battle Jacket #2

One of the saddest things about depression is how it cunningly and cruelly siphons away passion. In 2019 I found that I was gradually losing grip on all the things that had once meant so much to me. There came a point where I found it impossible to enjoy the music and art that had,… Continue reading The Story So Far Of Battle Jacket #2

Shamans Were Often Lonely Too – Words Of Wisdom From Friends On Social Media

I feel extremely fortunate to have the friends I have. Their generous sharing of wisdom has - especially over the past year - helped me find a way forward, through the treacherous mires of depression, heartache and creative disconnection. There were times when a comment or message would have such a profound impact on me,… Continue reading Shamans Were Often Lonely Too – Words Of Wisdom From Friends On Social Media

The First Week Of January & How It Went

I had the grandest of plans for the first seven days of January 2021. I was going to write and take a photo everyday and write some more and drink lots of water and consume less salt and journal and run every morning and go to bed at 10.30 and get up at 7 and… Continue reading The First Week Of January & How It Went

2020 Gratefulness

A Milestone Before I launch into my list, I wanted to tell you that this is post number two thousand here on Wyrd Words & Effigies. Over the past few days, I've been feeling a tad giddy as I've watched the post number climb higher, and it feels quite the achievement to have reached this… Continue reading 2020 Gratefulness