The Darkest Days – Grýla

The Icelandic, child-eating ogress Grýla is, I think, one of the most fascinating figures in northern folklore. It's been about twelve or thirteen years since I first heard her name and became attached to the ancient mountain dweller. Though despite thinking about her on a pretty regular basis, there's still so much I need to… Continue reading The Darkest Days – Grýla

My Interpretation Of Gryla

These photos of me doused in pig's blood were taken a few years ago, but after spending much of today being engrossed in the art of Gryla, I thought to myself 'hang the fuck on, I represented her quite bloody well at one point, if I may say so myself...' So here they are. Photos:… Continue reading My Interpretation Of Gryla

Art Of Gryla

My first encounter with the Icelandic, child eating troll Gryla was in 2010 when I wrote a poem about her. The second encounter was a year later, on a street in Akureyri, a city in northern Iceland. She was there with her husband Leppaludi. While most people think she's quite the hideous monster, I found… Continue reading Art Of Gryla