Art Of Baba Yaga

Back in the beautiful 90s (yes, I do miss them very much) deep within a tangled wood in a Yorkshire moorland valley, sat Baba Yaga's hut. I was seven when I first learned about it, and I was told, extremely convincingly, that it stood on chicken legs and would wander around at will. I was… Continue reading Art Of Baba Yaga

Art Of Gryla

My first encounter with the Icelandic, child eating troll Gryla was in 2010 when I wrote a poem about her. The second encounter was a year later, on a street in Akureyri, a city in northern Iceland. She was there with her husband Leppaludi. While most people think she's quite the hideous monster, I found… Continue reading Art Of Gryla

Halloween On Instagram 2018

Halloween was pretty much cancelled for me this year. (You can read about it here if you like.) But the day after I did find the energy to appreciate some of what the folks I follow on Instagram had to offer.

Sound Of The Day : Chelsea Wolfe

The Queen of the dark Chelsea Wolfe is on fire with the track 16 Psyche taken from her upcoming album Hiss Spun. If I'm being dead honest with you, this is one of my all-time favourite offerings from the Wolfe. The name "16 Psyche" conjures up images of a dusty bar, replete with spirits and… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Chelsea Wolfe

Intriguing Instas : The VVitch

After the popularity of my last Instagram series, The Witches & Wraiths of Instagram, I decided to start Intriguing Instas, a new, regular series with a broader focus. Funnily enough though, this first post is dedicated to witchcraft...what are the chances of that happening?! Since watching The VVitch last month, my senses have been turned… Continue reading Intriguing Instas : The VVitch

Burial Grounds New Collection : The Medium and the Message

Burial Ground - the collective vision of Jamie Mooers and Bill Crisafi - give and give and give. Everything this dark artistic venture has put out into the world has stolen parts of my heart away. Their new jewellery collection  The Medium And The Message has taken ownership of rather a large chunk of my… Continue reading Burial Grounds New Collection : The Medium and the Message

Wyrd Reading : Dirge Style Guide

Dirge Magazine never ceases to amaze me with its outstanding content. It's one fabulously written and presented article after another. And now the Dirge Style team has taken the time to put together a stunning style guide in the form of a COMPLETELY FREE PDF for you to browse at your leisure. I was delighted… Continue reading Wyrd Reading : Dirge Style Guide

Bill Crisafi For Chelsea Wolfe

When this poster popped up in my Facebook news feed, I fell into a spell of longing. I want it on my wall for the rest of time. It was crafted by the wyrd man of the moment Bill Crisafi for the unearthly beautiful and deeply talented Chelsea Wolfe, and her upcoming Boston show. Poison… Continue reading Bill Crisafi For Chelsea Wolfe