If You Need Me, I’ll Be In The Shade

Summer and I don't get along. We haven't got along for years. But this year is different. In years gone by I've been capable of going outside. This summer I've rarely left the apartment, thanks to the catastrophic heatwave baking the planet. When I do go out, I keep to the shade. I cook otherwise.… Continue reading If You Need Me, I’ll Be In The Shade

Wyrd Reading : Dirge Style Guide

Dirge Magazine never ceases to amaze me with its outstanding content. It's one fabulously written and presented article after another. And now the Dirge Style team has taken the time to put together a stunning style guide in the form of a COMPLETELY FREE PDF for you to browse at your leisure. I was delighted… Continue reading Wyrd Reading : Dirge Style Guide

Wyrd Words & Effigies Dark Yuletide Gift List

So my friends, here it is...the very first Wyrd Words & Effigies Yuletide Gift List. We're not an easy lot to buy for, us strange folk, but hopefully this list will lift off some pressure that you may be feeling around this time. I have focused a lot of my attention on small, independent, ethically… Continue reading Wyrd Words & Effigies Dark Yuletide Gift List

Shades Of Silence

We all experience that moment when we come across a clothing store that we feel was created exclusively for ourselves. That's exactly how I felt when I landed upon Hong Kong based Shades of Silence nearly a year ago. I recall how I almost started weeping as I clicked my way through page after page… Continue reading Shades Of Silence

Shades Of Silence

I encountered Shades of Silence late last night, and it took everything in my power not to jump on here and tell you about it. First off, what. a. name. It's the sort of title that slips off the tongue, but quickly creeps back inside to curl in your brain and stay put. Secondly, the… Continue reading Shades Of Silence