Wyrd Words & Effigies Dark Yuletide Gift List

So my friends, here it is…the very first Wyrd Words & Effigies Yuletide Gift List. We’re not an easy lot to buy for, us strange folk, but hopefully this list will lift off some pressure that you may be feeling around this time.

I have focused a lot of my attention on small, independent, ethically run businesses. They need our support, and it just so happens that the majority of the stuff that I find online  – and fall in love with – is made by someone who is working for themselves, while simultaneously doing their best to help the environment. I hope this list benefits those of you who need a direction to go with your dark gift buying.

For Him

  1.  Liquid Courage Old Grey Barn Wood Liquor Hip Flask
  2. Hell Mouth Apparel Pullover Sweatshirt
  3. By Aneri Black Linen Scarf
  4.  Bakogiorgis Skull Ring
  5.  Bill Crisafi Mug IV
  6. Norwegian Rat Shopping Bag
  7. Labyrinth Leather Rune Belt
  8.  Nuit Icelandic Sheepskin Cape

For Her

  1. Forest Nine Book Of Shadows
  2. Raintower The Hag’s Hand
  3. Anu Tera Quartz Hairpin
  4. CVLT Nation Human Ouroboros Patch
  5. Sisters Of The Black Moon Talwaar Tote
  6. Old HagHäxsabbat Throw Pillow
  7. Derek Setzer Desolate Passages Print
  8. Naked Eye Moonshine Body Butter

 For The Couple

  1. Mother Moons Makings Wooden Runes
  2. Cascadian Art Norse Gods Plaques
  3. Harper Supply Co Roe Deer Antler Bottle Opener
  4. Burke Hare Co Darkwave Collection Candle
  5. Two Moons And Hannais Deer Hoof Cutelry
  6. Peg And Owl Tub Caddy
  7. Skandinavisk Natt Scent Diffuser
  8. By Nord Polar Bear Duvet Cover


For The Child

  1. Trollskogen By Lennart Rudstrom
  2. The Tomten By Astrid Lindgren
  3. Wool And Water Wolf Paper Doll
  4. Amelia Kieras Build Your Own Monster Flipbook
  5. Couth Clothing Long Sleeved Wolf Top
  6. Mama Owl Organic Tee
  7. Fine Little Day Gran Woven Child Blanket
  8. Edward Gorey Black Doll


For The Death Obsessed

  1. Johnny B Wilde Life-Sized Skull Candle
  2. King Four Any Color Life-Sized Skull
  3. Precious Creature Taxidermy Hoof Bauble Keychain
  4. Aderhine Kostnice Tote Bag
  5. The Empire Of Death By Paul Koudounaris
  6. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes By Caitlin Doughty
  7. Jewelry For The Dead Cow Molar Necklace
  8. Nona Limen Sabat Enamel Pin


For The Black Metal Enthusiast

  1. Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism Painting By Jannicke Wiese-Hansen
  2. Transylvania III Etching By Pär Strömberg
  3. Blackened Shop The Lake Painting
  4. Billy Blue 22 The Goat Ring
  5. Black Metal Evolution Of The Cult By Dayal Patterson
  6. The Cult Never Dies By Dayal Patterson
  7. Metalhead Directed By Ragnar Bragason
  8. Metalion The Slayer Diaries By Jon Kristiansen

For The ‘All Black Or Nothing’

  1. Cindy Leper Coyote Bone Bracelet
  2. Hunter Gatherer Whipsnake
  3. Kruel Intentions Moon Choker
  4. Leather Notebooks Shiny Grained Leather Notebook
  5. Scotch Leather Black Leather Backpack
  6. Symmetrical Pottery Spiky Mug
  7. Shades Of Silence Wool Brim Fedora Hat
  8. Shades Of Silence Multi-Way Large Cotton Scarf

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