Wyrd Words & Effigies Dark Yuletide Gift List

So my friends, here it is...the very first Wyrd Words & Effigies Yuletide Gift List. We're not an easy lot to buy for, us strange folk, but hopefully this list will lift off some pressure that you may be feeling around this time. I have focused a lot of my attention on small, independent, ethically… Continue reading Wyrd Words & Effigies Dark Yuletide Gift List


Utterly obsessed with Raintower. Every now and then a store will come along on Etsy that I become transfixed with and find impossible to leave alone. Raintower is the brainchild of Swede Naomi Nowark. Raintower uses recycled fabrics to to create garments that embrace the natural and supernatural world in their designs. The shop also… Continue reading Raintower