Sound Of The Day : Heilung

I don't know much about Heilung, only that it's an Amplified History collaboration project involving Kai Uwe Faust and Christopher Juul. Amplified History is music created using only ancient instruments, human bones, swords and shields. I don't know about you but I fucking love it. Listen to Krigsgaldr from their upcoming debut album Ofnir.

Interview : Kristen Phillips Of FloridXFauna

When I first laid eyes on the jewelry designs from LA based creative soul Kristen Phillips of Floridxfauna I screamed. Jewelry that packs such a powerful punch to the heart doesn't come around too often. I knew that I needed to have one of her pieces or...I'd die or something. (I was gifted with the… Continue reading Interview : Kristen Phillips Of FloridXFauna