If You Need Me, I’ll Be In The Shade

Summer and I don’t get along. We haven’t got along for years.

But this year is different. In years gone by I’ve been capable of going outside. This summer I’ve rarely left the apartment, thanks to the catastrophic heatwave baking the planet.

When I do go out, I keep to the shade. I cook otherwise. It takes about three minutes in the sun for my skin to start crisping up.  And don’t get me started on the baby.

Fuck, I’m petrified of her getting heat stroke or sun burn so it feels safer to just stay in and wait it out, even if we are both sitting in a pool of our own sweat.

This past week I’ve been fantasizing daily about the 006 Straw Brim Hat from Shades Of Silence. It’s an introverts wet dream and even the $199 dollar price tag seems a small price to pay for the shaded seclusion it offers.



1 thought on “If You Need Me, I’ll Be In The Shade”

  1. The hat looks both practical (if extreme) and philosophical (also extreme). From someone who also doesn’t like summer, the images themselves (who cares if extreme) are cooling.

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