Getting Dressed In The Dark : Barbara I Gongini Shaggy Coat

I am forever in awe of Copenhagen based (very) luxury (although I wish it wasn't so much luxury, so that I'd be actually able to afford something sometime) avant garde clothing giant Barbara I Gongini. Usually I'm pretty good with keeping up to date with the most recent dark fashion, but there is ALWAYS something… Continue reading Getting Dressed In The Dark : Barbara I Gongini Shaggy Coat

Excercise In Black

In my dreams, a spokesperson for BARBARA í GONGINI  comes to me and says 'Katie, we think you're cool as fuck and want to give you one of every item we make. We'd also love for you to review them on your awesome blog.' Then I wake up, realize it's not real and that it's… Continue reading Excercise In Black

Wednesday’s Wyrd Findings

A little moan escaped through my lips when I fell upon this most beautiful of ornaments. The Anu Tera Mountain Crystal Upper Arm Cuff is made out of wrapped black deerskin and mountain crystal and is available through the mystical brand Sisters of the Black Moon. We did an interview with the sisters...  … Continue reading Wednesday’s Wyrd Findings